Plant Systems “PLANTEC”

Plant Systems “PLANTEC”

Converting, Processing, Finishing

We will be pleased to use all our experience to design equipment for converting, processing and finishing based on your special tasks, your material requirements and production conditions. TNT designs and builds complete lines with unwinders, rewinders and other components and special configurations. We work together with you to develop your processing or finishing process.

This special equipment, referred to as TNT Plant Tec, usually consists of a processing unit and one or more unwinding or rewinding units, material accumulators, slitting station, inspection units and much more.

Please feel free to contact us with your requirements. We will find the perfect solution for your task in close cooperation with you.

Typical applications

  • rewinding from large rolls to short rolls
  • identifying and cutting out material defects
  • slitting of a wide roll into narrow strips
  • embossing and calendaring of materials
  • spooling out intermediate layers from rolls wound in multiple layers
  • winding of intermediate layers into material rolls
  • electron beam treatment of material webs
  • coating of material webs
  • welding of material webs (thermal or ultrasonic)
  • … and much more
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