From the automotive industry to the aerospace sector: TNT’s quality machines are used in a wide variety of industries.

Below you will find an overview of the industries including explanations of how our machines are used in these sectors.



Our machines produce rolls of film, non-woven, paper and special composite materials that you can use for many packaging tasks. Our wide range includes innovative packaging for food products with a particularly high recycling rate. Our machines meet the requirements for food suitability on all surfaces in contact with the packaging medium.



You can also use our machines for web products in the furniture industry. In this case, we are referring to unwinders and rewinders both in the production lines of the materials (with and without decorative surfaces) as well as machines for post-treatment, finishing and converting. Typical materials are webs of complex treated paper laminates and plastic films for fronts and also for furniture edges.



Our machines are also ideal for pharmaceutical applications. These include web pre-materials for pharmaceutical packaging or non-woven products for diagnostic filters. The machines usually meet the high-quality requirements for a clean room and in some cases also for explosion protection. Alternatively, they are made almost entirely of stainless steel so that they can be kept germ-free with special cleaners.

Luft- und Raumfahrt


Our unwinders, rewinders and slitting modules find a useful application in production lines for web-shaped UD tapes. These usually consist of high-strength fibers (carbon, glass or similar) bonded in plastic. From these, lightweight materials are produced, such as those found in the aerospace industry. Our machines are also the first choice for further processing into webs with angular fiber orientations and processing into sheets or molded parts.



Our unwinders and rewinders do a first-class job in printing systems for web materials. This involves web materials for packaging or decorative printing for furniture films. The machines can be perfectly integrated into the configuration even if the printing processes are different. The materials used are mostly films. Printing on paper, cardboard, aluminum films and laminates is also part of the range of applications. The machines can map continuous or start-stop concepts – and this at high production speeds. In some cases, the systems also meet the high-quality requirements for explosion protection.



We use many web products in this industry for which we have suitable machines – from simple to highly automated. The products include film materials and non-woven materials such as construction films, roofing membranes, waterproofing membranes, reinforcing fleece, geo-membrane and geo-fleece but also grid materials and composite webs consisting of different layers. Our machines operate in production and lamination plants as well as in converting lines. We also have suitable solutions for the production and further processing of abrasive paper.


Medical Technology

When it comes to web material for medical technology applications, our customers rely on TNT machines. The reason being: the products almost universally meet the high-quality requirements for a clean room. Furthermore, they are characterized by sterile machine surfaces. These machines can be used to wind films for blood bags and other body fluids, for example, or non-woven materials for medical filters.



In this industry, web material is widely used in many areas. For example, glass fabric is incorporated into electronic circuit boards for reinforcement which can be unwound and rewound smoothly on our machines. You can also benefit from our special solutions for sensitive optical films for screen surfaces.


Energy Technology

Whether it’s winding technology for pre-products in battery production, web starting materials for solar modules or machines for reinforcing fabrics for structural parts of wind turbines or reinforcing fabrics for electronic boards in energy plants: You can rely on our smart solutions for all these applications.


Mechanical Engineering

We build unwinders and rewinders for highly automated production lines in which web material is processed. In these plants, clocked production processes often prevail that involve continuous operation of the machines while the actual processing takes place in clocked standstill.



Customers from this sector as well as their suppliers also rely on our machines for the production and further processing of their web materials. The webs can be found as a pre- and end-product in the interior on leather and artificial leather surfaces but also as noise and heat insulation webs and as a pre-product for interior molded parts. In the meantime, high-strength composite webs (UD tape) are also becoming increasingly important as a pre-product for lightweight molded parts. Of course, we also have suitable concepts for this. Our machines are also proving their efficiency for e-cars and e-bikes as preliminary products for batteries and fuel cells.



Our premium program includes unwinders, rewinders and web guides as well as slitting and gluing lines for technical textiles. This includes in particular system components for the production and finishing of carbon and glass fabrics.