Slitting Stations

Slitting Stations

blade slitting unit with gooved roll

From individual components to complete slitting stations

We build slitting stations in a wide variety of designs, both as stand-alone machines and integrated in a complete winder configuration . The choice of cutting concept with circular knives or blades or other technologies can be precisely matched to the application and material properties. We have vast experience in cutting very different materials and also offer tried-and-tested solutions for edge and center cuts. These can be used for both very thin and extremely stable materials.

Individual cutting concepts depending on material and application

The scope of supply usually includes a frame, the electrical control system and the safety technology, but also spreader units, integrated pull roll units and much more. We even have bottom knife units with integrated dust extraction in our range. In this way, cutting dust is removed directly where it is produced so that the surroundings remain clean. Furthermore, we offer concepts with our high-quality solutions but also cutting units with cutting components and knives from other manufacturers.

Should our proven standard solutions not be suitable for your application, we will be pleased to develop individual cutting concepts for you depending on the material and application.

In addition to our manually adjustable systems, we also supply those with fully automatic blade adjustment, so that cutting widths can be adjusted quickly.

2-fach Schnitt mit automatischer Positionierung
multiple cut with automatic positioning system
Längsschneidstation mit TNT Mammut-Schneidkopf und Randstreifenwicklern
Slitting Station with TNT Mammut top knife and edge strip winders

TNT Mammut: perfect for almost any web material

Our circular knife units are also available with the patented TNT Mammut knife head. Its characteristics: particularly high cutting force, enormous stability and precision as well as a wide range of adjustment possibilities.

TNT Mammut works according to the shear cut principle and covers an enormous range of applications: from thin webs to very thick and stiff materials. Depending on this, you can use standard knives available on the market or special designs. With a shear cut with bottom knife units, crush cut or perforation cut, you can achieve outstanding cutting results.

Our guarantee: TNT Mammut works where other knives cease to work.

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