Short Roll Winder

Short Roll Winder

combination of short roll winder with jumbo roll winder

Perfect for short cycle times

Winding rolls with small run length requires machines with short cycle times from roll to roll. In this case, the machine must produce several rolls per minute.

Our short roll winders perform this task with excellence due to their high level of automation. In this way, they load the machine with cores automatically. They are also equipped with a fully automatic roll change and roll removal from the winding machine. In addition, further options are on offer which improve operating convenience and increase productivity.

Three basic models

  • Single station machine with a single winding station
  • Two station machine for parallel winding, unloading and loading
  • Three station machine with synchronized winding, roll unloading and core loading

The desired cycle times from roll to roll determine the selection of the machine type. Depending on the material type and performance requirements, we have different cross-cutting and feeder systems in our range.

3-station short roll winder
double core magazine for 2 web winding

Automation assemblies

Roll handling, core handling, roll sealing systems und mis-roll ejection systems as well as interface to the packaging line complete the machine equipment.

Roll handling:

  • automatic roll removal in gantry or trolley design.
  • with weighing devices for roll packages or single rolls as an option
  • transfer to the packaging line
  • mis-roll ejection for sorting out rolls with defect

Core handling:

  • automatic core magazines in different versions
  • automatic core feeder for one or more cores on one winding shaft

Roll sealing systems:

  • automatic taping units (seal the finished rolls in the machine with adhesive)
  • roll banding (seal the roll with foil banding without adhesive)
Kurzrollenwickler Rollenbanderolierung
roll banding device
short roll winder for two webs

Integrated additional equipment:

  • labelling unit for lengths and position markings on the material web
  • large roll winder for winding large rolls in the machine with automatic switchover between short roll operation and large roll operation
  • slitting station for edge and center cuts for multi-purpose operation
  • packaging solutions for individual roll wrapping with or without labelling as well as pallet stacking and wrapping

More Pictures of short roll winders