Automatic Cantilever Winder “Cantitec”

Automatic Cantilever Winder “Cantitec”

Strong options thanks to equipment and automation

With our user-friendly cantilever winders “Cantitec”, we offer you a useful addition to the automatic winder product line. With the turret winders, wound material rolls can be removed and fed sidewards – in addition to the familiar automatic functions.

They allow semi-automatic or automatic winding with fully automatic roll change for working widths up to 4,500 mm and a roll diameter up to 1,200 mm. Due to the concept, you can change rolls and load cores easily and quickly.

Sturdy construction and versatile designs

The product range includes automatic cross-cutting and feeder systems. Multi- web winding with friction winding shafts, split winding shafts for controlled two-strip winding or coreless winding are also possible. The structure has sturdy bearings and can even be fitted with supports for the winding shafts. This concept ensures high winding quality and enables large roll diameters even in multi-strip operation.

Automatische Freiarmwickler
cantliiver winder with pivoting roll cart

Freiarmwickler für zweibahniges Wickeln
cantilever winder for two web winding

User-friendly: roll removal and core loading

The winding shafts remain in the machine during roll change. This makes the handling of winding shafts obsolete – for quick roll changes and easy operation.

Space-saving concept

With this concept, roll removal and core loading from the side save on overall length.

Automation options

Automation options for roll removal and core loading ensure simple operation and provide safety for the user. Automatic reel pushers, different removal carts or gantry solutions make roll removal and core loading of the winding shafts a simple matter.

Freiarmwickler mit Entnahmeportal
cantilever winder with unloading gantry
Automatischer Freiarmwickler
compact cantilever winder for membranes

Short change cycles for short rolls

Automatic winding, cross-cutting and feeding in combination with simple operation allow short roll change cycles for the use of appropriate rolls.

More Pictures Automatic Cantilever Winders


  • Film thicknesses from 8 µm to 2,500 µm
  • Film widths from 500 mm up to 4,000 mm
  • Standard winding diameters from 200 mm up to 1,200 mm
  • Short rolls from 25 kg up to jumbo rolls of 2 t
  • Cores 3″, 6″, 8

Wind up in the winding direction:

  • As a standard, with “foil top side inside” or “foil top side outside”
  • Without adhesive (without preparation) or with adhesive applied to the new core


  • Various bus types
  • Remote maintenance via modem or Ethernet and VPN tunnel

Options and accessories:

  • Automatic shaft support for even more precision and large rolls
  • Easy roll handling
  • Packaging solutions
  • Banding with and without adhesive
  • Automatic weight measurement including label printer
  • Core handling
  • Winding shafts for coreless winding