Edge Strip Removal

Edge Strip Removal

doube edge strip winder unit with pneumatic oscillation

Wide range of applications – wide range of materials

Our edge strip winder types TNT VSW-150, TNT SSW-152 and TNT KSW-290 cover a wide range of applications and a broad spectrum of materials in their standard version. They are mostly used for winding edge strips and center strips. With these machines, you can always rely on the right solution. Customer-specific holders, stands and oscillators expand your options in a sensible and targeted manner.

Special designs and other edge strip components, such as pulling units, can additionally help you handle your winding tasks.

Low operating costs and easy handling

The machines are characterized by optimum energy consumption which gives them a benefit in comparison with edge strip suction devices. They are equipped with a control system, easy-to-use operating elements and can be operated as independent, stand-alone machines as well as integrated into machines and systems. In most cases, they can easily meet all safety requirements without the need for special safety devices. This means that many materials can be wound without cores. Low operating costs and easy handling complete the overall package.

pair of edge strip winders type VSW-150 on stands

edge strip winder type VSW-150 with mechanical oscillation

Three standard types of edge strip winders and special solutions

  • The TNT VSW-150 is unmatched in handling and suitable for rigid films, but also for materials with low elongation
  • For rigid films without shrinkage, the TNT SSW-152 is your first choice. Inexpensive and robust, it works with and without cores.
  • The TNT KSW-290 allows coreless winding of many stretchable materials.
  • Where the standard reaches its limits, we also develop your special solution using our long experience.

Do not hesitate to contact us.

Pulling mechanisms and web guiding components for strips

We can also provide other components for the transport of strips, e.g. strip pulling units in very different configurations and also web guiding systems. The same applies here: “if the standard does not meet your requirements, we will work out your special solution in cooperation with you.

Many of our customers use TNT edge trim equipment for safe web transport of the strips as well as for train separation. In this field, too, we offer you a wide range: as a stand-alone solution or integrated into your machine.

standard types of edge strip winders

winding with cores and coreless
winding preferably with cores
coreles winding of stretchable films


  • Fabric speed 0 to 60m/min; special versions up to 350 m/min
  • Maximum strip width 200 mm
  • Maximum winding diameter 500 mm
  • Maximum roll weight 50 kg; special designs up to 150 kg
  • Web tension from 5 N up to 200 N


  • Traversing devices
  • Stands
  • Holders
  • Web guiding
  • Traction units
  • Dancer units