Special Machines

Special Machines

Surface Winder for Paper and Non Woven

For special applications

Machines used for winding, cutting and processing of foils, fabrics, non-woven mats, paper and composite materials are part of our core business. This includes the development of special solutions for the winding and slitting technology as well as other web treatments for special applications. Solutions for sheets as well as combined machines for films and sheets can also be provided. These machines also work with absolute reliability and high productivity. We support you with our experience in finding solutions for your problems.

Typical materials include:

  • medical non-woven mats, membranes
  • metal foils
  • films made of various plastics
  • glass and carbon fabrics
  • various non-woven materials
  • paper
  • rubber
  • composites
  • and much more

For special environmental and operating conditions

We also use our broad experience to develop machines for operation in special environmental conditions.

These include designs for:

  • clean room
  • cold
  • heat
  • solvents
  • gases
  • liquids
  • vacuum
  • suitable for food
Doppelaufwicklung in Edelstahl
2-station unwinder made from stainless steel
Device for welding

For extra protection requirements

Machines specifically designed for medical materials or pharmaceutical products are made of stainless steel and usually meet extra protection requirements

Common special purpose machines include:

  • special winders in terms of dimension, configuration, design
  • cooling and heating roller mills
  • coating equipment
  • laminations
  • inspection machines
  • hot glue presses
  • splicing equipment
  • packaging solutions

TNT WideTec: for wide and thick materials

Geo-membranes, geo-fleeces and geo-fabrics with fabric widths of up to 10 m can be perfectly wound with the modular TNT WideTec series. These machines are also particularly well-suited for materials with high tensile forces. A convenient and safe operating concept guarantees easy handling of the rolls and cores. The machines, which consist of several sub-assemblies, are very robust so that they ensure high operational reliability and a long service life.

wide web winder
Fünffach Solarpanelaufwickler
5-station winder for solar panel material

Easy retraction, direct web guiding

Due to its modular design, the TNT WideTec series is low-maintenance and service-friendly. It stands out for its easy threading of the “bulky” web and direct web guiding with few deflections. The network integration of the control system ensures data exchange with other system components and access for remote service.

Are you looking for a special machine for your specific application? Then please contact us. We will be pleased to advise you.

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