Automation and Handling

Automation and Handling

roll unloading gantry

Proven solutions

Heavy roll weights, short cycle times for roll changes, productivity requirements, and safety guidelines call for automation of process steps and handling solutions ranging from roll and core handling to integrated packaging. In some cases, proven automation systems consisting of TNT components can already be used, and where this is not sufficient, we use our many years of experience to develop your customized solution in cooperation with you.

From simple to automatic

  • adapted to technical and spatial conditions
  • integrated into existing machines and systems
  • created separately
  • retrofitted
Wagen für Zweinutzenbetrieb
roll cart for unloading 2 rolls
core magazine


  • Removal systems that transport finished rolls out of the winder.
  • Pulling devices that pull winding shafts out of the rolls and load them with new cores.
  • Removal carts and transporters that pick up rolls and transport them for further processing.
  • Unloading gantries with mandrel holders, which on the one hand transport rolls out of the machine and on the other hand load them with cores.
  • Core magazines and automatic core feeders that reduce cycle times.
  • Manipulators that cause automatic and semi-automatic movement of the rolls and the winding shafts.
  • Packaging that is integrated into machines or performs downstream packaging of the finished rolls.