Automatic Turret winder “classic”

Automatic Turret winder “classic”

Customized solutions for every application

We offer automatic turret winders for many applications and materials. Depending on the machine and automation concept, our products enable automatic non-stop winding from 5 m/min up to 800 m/min with material widths from 100 mm up to 10 m width for web shaped materials – process-safe and reliable.

Perfect roll quality

Our machine concept in combination with controlled web tension as well as further operating parameters meets your requirements exactly. A wide range of settings adapts to different material properties – for perfect roll quality.

turret winder with unloading fork

turret winder with roll unloading sidewards

Automatic roll changing with „splice on the fly”

Safe cross-cutting during roll change: The range includes chopper cut, shear cut, crush cut, guillotine cut, blade cut and the unique TNT combi-cut system. A waterjet cut for special materials is also available. Specific feeder systems for rewinders assist the cross-cutting systems in feeding the web without backfolds and wrinkles. Also tried and tested: “splice on the fly”. The core is applied with and without preparation.

Single-strip or multiple-strip winding

No matter whether single-strip winding with winding shafts or shaftless: We also have the right solution for these requirements. We develop innovative concepts for multi-strip winding that enable safe slitting, offline or integrated into production processes.

turret winder with web turn-over device
turret winder for two web winding

For all winding directions

Our machines can be configured for the winding directions “top side inside” or “top side outside”. Special solutions allow both winding directions in a single machine. Different handling solutions are available for convenient and safe removal of the rolls.

More Pictures of Automatic Turret winder “classic”


  • Film thicknesses from 8 μm up to 2,500 μm
  • Standard winding diameters from 600 mm through 1,000 mm up to 1,200 mm respectively 1,500 mm
  • Short rolls from 25 kg up to jumbo rolls of 3 t and 4 t
  • cores from 2″, 3″, 6″, 8″, 10″, 12″

Unwind in the winding direction:

  • As a standard, both directions of rotation as splicing device with overlap bonding.

Wind up in the winding direction:

  • As a standard, with “foil top inside” or “foil top outside” (or special combination systems that can handle both).
  • Without adhesive (without preparation) or with adhesive applied to the new core


  • Various bus types
  • Remote maintenance via modem or Ethernet and VPN tunnel

Options and accessories:

  • Complex handling systems for rollers and winding shafts
  • Handling systems with unloading forks, lift trucks and pulling units
  • Packaging solutions
  • Banding systems
  • Automatic weight measurement with label printer
  • Core handling
  • and much more