automatic turret unwinder

From simple to automated

We build machines for the controlled unwinding of a wide variety of materials. From “very simple” to “highly automated”: We have the right concepts for every requirement.

Applications range from the fabrication of web-shaped materials and applications in converting processes to laminating and coating applications in inline systems or offline processes.

We will be pleased to support you with competent advice on the right selection for your application.

Different roll chuckings

Depending on the requirements, material roll chuckings with different winding shafts or shaftless material roll clamping are available.

Doppelstellenabwicklung mit automatischem Splice
2-station unwinder with automatic splice

multi-station unwinder for paper

Braked or driven, controlled or uncontrolled

We can provide unwinders with brakes or drives and with different web control concepts, depending on the material types, roll weights and line speed. What’s more, there are corresponding machine concepts for both winding directions.

Manual web splicing or automatic splice

The machines can be designed with manual web splicing, such as splice tables, with press and heating presses for web splicing, with ultrasonic welding devices as well as with typical adhesive splices. Depending on the type and concept, the web splicing is carried out during standstill or “on the fly” while the web is running.

We also offer splice concepts for overlap web splices and for “butt to butt” splices. With automatic overlap splices, the automatic unwinders achieve only the smallest overlap lengths even at high speeds – also with “splice on the fly”.

gebremster Abwickler mit automatischem Splice
unwinder with brakes and automatic splice

automatische Doppelabwicklung für seitliches Beladen
automatic 2 Station unwinder with lateral roll loading

Automation options

In addition to manual placement concepts, our range also includes many automation options. These include roll loading trolleys, pick-up winding stations or crane-guided systems.

More Pictures of unwinders


  • Unwinding of film, fabric, paper, non-woven, composites, etc.
  • Winding diameters from 200 mm up to 1,500 mm, special design in larger diameters possible
  • Winding with winding shafts, cores, without shafts, coreless
  • Unwinders for web widths from approx. 300 mm up to 9 m width

Winding direction:

  • Most machine types enable unwinding in both winding directions


  • Various bus types
  • Remote maintenance via modem or Ethernet and VPN tunnel

Web splicing:

  • Web splicing of the outgoing web with the full roll is carried out automatically, semi-automatically or also manually
  • Splicing is achieved by gluing, welding, sewing or other methods of splicing
  • Cross cutting with blades, shear cutting, heating wire, etc.
  • Depending on the type of machine, the web splicing is done while the machine is stopped or while the web is running

Options and accessories:

  • Automatic roll and core handling