Semi-Automatic Winder “Semiautotec”

Semi-Automatic Winder “Semiautotec”

semi automatic winder with accumulator

Cost-effective and flexible

Our high-quality semi-automatic turret winders also achieve outstanding results with an optimum web guiding. The web tension is maintained during winding and roll change. This guarantees an accurate roll build-up and uncomplicated roll change.

Small to medium winding diameters

Sturdy design and multiple versions solve all classic winding tasks for small to medium winding diameters. The machines are equipped with two box frames, classic winding shafts similar to the “Classic” turret winder and are available as a cantilevered winder similar to the “Canitec” type with design-related advantages. Depending on the concept, you can also achieve precise positioning at standstill and thus a high winding quality with manual roll change.

Freiarmwendewickler für 2 Nutzen mit Längsschneidstation für Rand- und Mittenschnitt
cantilever winder for 2 webs with slitting unit for edge and center cut
Einstellenkontaktwickler mit Rollenpickup für Offlineanwendungen

single station winder for offline application with roll pickup

For inline and offline applications

Accumulators are used for inline applications (systems that do not allow a standstill during roll change). These take up the continuously fed material during the roll change at standstill or at low speed. After completion of the roll change, the accumulator is emptied at over speed. Based on this principle, a safe roll change can also be carried out manually.

Offline applications make it possible to stop the line for the roll change, a web accumulator is not required. For manual roll change, the winder can be stopped and then restarted.

Safety with high operating comfort

By waiving selected automatic functions, these machines prove to be cost-effective and flexible. As a standard, they allow winding in both directions. Roll changes and feeding take place while the machine is at a standstill. An intelligent concept ensures safety with a high level of operating comfort.

Transportabler Wendewickler mit integrierter Elektrik
portable turret winder with integrated control cabinet

Halbautomatischer Wendewickler im Dickfolieneinsatz

semiautomatic turret winder for thick sheet application

Options facilitate work processes

There are also many options for our semi-automatic winding machines that make your work processes easier. These include automatic cross-cutting devices, slitting devices for edge trimming, multi-web winding with friction winding shafts and coreless winding.

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  • Standard winding diameters from 600 mm up to 1,200 mm
  • Cores from 3″, 6″, 8″, 10″, 12″

Wind up in the winding direction:

  • As a standard, with “material top side inside” or “material top side outside
  • Usually applied with adhesive to the new core


  • Various bus types
  • Remote maintenance via modem or Ethernet and VPN tunnel

Options and accessories:

  • Cross cutting devices for thick materials
  • Traction unit integrated on the winder
  • Split winding shafts and friction shafts for multi-web winding
  • Web accumulators in continuous processes, for example extrusion
  • Winding shafts for coreless winding